Ceiling Clothesline

This ultimate environmentally-friendly Clothesline is designed to hoist towels and washing to the ceiling where the heat is. It will reduce energy bills and greenhouse-gas emissions. The individual pulley system for each separate rod makes hanging clothes easy. If it might possibly rain while you are out, hang the clothes inside and you need not be concerned about them getting wet.

For dark clothes, the Airer is the perfect solution to prevent fading in sunlight -- they will look newer for longer. Some fabrics such as wool, should not be unnecessarily exposed to the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Stop wrestling with clothes-horses that forever seem to be in the way!

Were you ever caught in a sudden rain-storm? Use the Airer you have installed over your bath to hang dripping jackets. Once the clothes-line is installed, it is always ready for use. No special storage is required. These Airers have been enjoyed by Europeans for years - now it is time for Australians to benefit as well. You will quickly warm to the advantages of using these space-saving Airers, so much so that you might want to own more than one. To find out how to install the Airer, please refer to the Installation page.

Available sizes are 1.2 m, 1.4 m, 1.6 m and 1.8 m, and all are 55 cm wide.
All versions have 6 steel rods, each rod supporting a maximum load of 1.5 kg.


"Its a genius system... your system is far superior and more importantly dry clothes faster (I know this for a fact when my wife yelled from the laundry this morning to tell me that all clothes on the line were dry. She said normally not all of them).....I have to admit, reading the installation instruction I had the impression that it would be challenging. But at the end. it's not as difficult as it seems."
-- Rudy from N.S.W.

"I have been looking for these for 2 years!! I am very excited and very happy that you could provide this."
-- Linda from Victoria.

"They are a wonderful idea"
-- Brenda from South Australia

"It is fabulous! Glen put it up yesterday and Wow it is SO nice lo be able lo walk Into the Laundry/bathroom and to not have to push a large cumbersome airer out of the way! I now have space!"
-- Tina from N.S.W

"It´s lovely to finally have a super item to place your wet towels to dry when you have wet weather with a full time plus job not to mention a large household. Your item is time saving, safer at night, tidy to look at, stops smelly stale smells and a reasonable price for a sturdy strong unit. So thank you very much."
-- Sue from Queensland.

"Just to let you know I love your product, it´s great. Only point I would like to make, instead of using fishing line to thread through the beads I used a crochet hook, much easier as I had to make the small hole a little bigger and crochet hook did this as well. Thanks."
-- Cindy from N.S.W.

Airer in Action

A Contented Customer